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“Musically, the piece demands a high level of performance of all protagonists. Marta, a woman who is unhappy with herself, who lives between joylessness and hope, is portrayed by Astrid Marie Lazar, who not only acts, but also sings the part perfectly well. With her vocal intensity and volume, she adds passionate expression to the role of Marta. Her rendition of the story about her helplessness as a street dancer, is especially touching.”

ERZGEBIRGS RUNDSCHAU; Annaberg-Buchholz, Manfred Rirsche

“The three protagonists Marta (Astrid Marie Lazar), Pedro and Sebastiano (Werner Kraus) are first of all quite convincing with their voices, upon which highly dramatic demands are being made. But Krug has also worked out polished acting craft with them, which is exceptional for opera theatre. The wolf’s tale is physically rendered so well, that it gives you shivers down the spine, and Marta’s life story is just as touching.”

FREIE PRESSE; Annaberg-Buchholz, Reinhold Lindner

“Theater Annaberg-Buchholz received rapturous ovations for their production of Eugen D’Albert’s Tiefland here in Meissen. … All roles are quite demanding and the 3 lead roles especially can be compared with dramatic Puccini parts. In the “appraisal” I’d like to start foremost with a leading lady: Astrid Marie Lazar as Marta gave a thoroughly well done performance; her interpretation of the lyrical as well as the dramatic parts was excellent.”

SÄCHSISCHE ZEITUNG; Meißen, Gotthold Müller