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“In Astrid Marie Lazar’s creation of the role, she [La dame aux camélias] found a deeply suffering and believable portrayal, one which was able to win the audience’s sincere sympathy. … Astrid Lazar as Violetta, of great vocal and dramatic ability, sung her way into people’s hearts with her slender and yet powerful voice of effortless agility, as a life thirsting noble mistress and a suffering ill woman. The technical difficulties of the great arias and duets did not seem to exist for her, the easily carried out coloratura passages were managed with brilliant mastery, the powerful melodiousness of her blooming voice was able to suddenly [subito] change into sweet overtones, and her pianissimo sophistications in the highest ranges crowned this exceptional vocal performance”.

FRÄNKISCHER TAG; Bamberg, Heinrich Amselgruber

“When young voices mature - The bravos and ovations for the artists were well deserved. … Astrid Marie Lazar sings Violetta with an enchanting, almost naturalistic colourful voice, and an admirable flexibility of the voice. … And one cannot deny that both protagonists have not only dramatically a lot more to offer than the premiere cast”.

NORDBAYRISCHER KURIER; Bayreuth, Alexander Dick

“Long lasting applause and bravos for Astrid Marie Lazar and Christoph Strehl. … In her first ‘Traviata’ Astrid Lazar seems to be the personification of Violetta’s soul and body. … especially with her sensitive piano singing, as well as her magnificently sung aria in which one could almost grasp her pain, and the final scene of death, she creates Violetta’s transformation impressively”.

HOFER ANZEIGER; Hof, Kerstin Starke