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(Land of the Smiles)-Lisa

“All the more beautiful sang his Lisa. Astrid Marie Lazar impressed with lush and sweet sounding emphasis, radiant, beautiful colors in the middle range and secure virtuosity in the high notes.”

RHEINPFALZ ZEITUNG, Mutterstadt; Rainer Köhl

“… Astrid Marie Lazar as Lisa, who filled her part with a secure soprano voice of dramatic colour and maintained a pleasant timbre through the highest notes,..”

“Solistically, especially the Soprano Astrid Marie Lazar as Lisa stood out. … Astrid Marie Lazar created her role with a lot of temperament and excellent vocal technique. She convinced her audience with angry arias and soaring homeland-melodies as well as with romantic vocalises.”

BRUNSBÜTTLER RUNDSCHAU, Brunsbüttel; Nicole Hansen

“Astrid Marie Lazar has everything it takes to be a character actress and she manages with her vocal lush sounds and expressiveness in every range of her voice, to give crucial weight to the one-dimensional character of Lisa.”

DÜRENER ZEITUNG; Düren, Manuel Rösler

“The Countess Lisa, Astrid Marie Lazar, winner of the …, she also has an operetta soprano voice par excellence and knows how to use it brilliantly.”

MAIN ECHO; Aschaffenburg, Christian Giegerich

“In addition to the superb vocal quality of the lead singers, the very fine mimic performance of especially Astrid Marie Lazar gave the final polish to the overall impression.”

WETZLARER NEUE ZEITUNG; Wetzlar, Gerhard Gerbig

“Astrid Marie Lazar as Lisa, already well known in Ravensburg, could be called the ideal cast. With her vocal and acting abilities as well as her presence, she gave a perfect portrayal of the role.”

SCHWÄBISCHE ZEITUNG; Weingarten, Barbara Sachsenmaier

“The Countess in love with the Prince (Astrid Marie Lazar) sings with a blooming voice and acts with real Vienna charm.” 


“Astrid Marie Lazar’s portrayal of Lisa was outstanding”.

DINGOLFINGER ANZEIGER, Dingolfing; D. Kreuzer-Kuttenhofer

“His partner was Astrid Marie Lazar, elegant in Appearance, flirtatious in her acting, with a rich, expressive soprano voice.”

THURGAUER ZEITUNG; Schweiz, Werner Raths

“Astrid Marie Lazar as his daughter Lisa is a singer of high quality fort his part.”
DIE HARKE, Nienburg; Wolfgang Schlämann

“Astrid Marie Lazar as Lisa was not only convincing because of her crisp and clear soprano voice, but also because of her ability to create a wide range of emotions”.

FRÄNKISCHER TAG; Bamberg, Wolfgang Pfister

“...the Theatre Hof presents this operetta in a surprisingly well-done performance. This is mainly due to the two lead characters. Barry Coleman, as Prince Sou Chong,…. Astrid Marie Lazar as Lisa was his equal in every way, and vocally even better.”

DER NEUE TAG; Amberg, Helmut Fischer

“Astrid Marie Lazar was a vocally highly qualified Lisa”.

NORDBAYRISCHER KURIER; Bayreuth, Alexander Dick