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A Dual Talent in Every Way!

„The equally talented the soprano Lazar. absolutely secure in dangerously high notes, yet with a strong volume and an acting talent that’s rarely found. Already her long red gown with a big décolleté and her mane of blond hair caught ones attention. The soprano bewitches the men, even leaves the stage to tease the men in the audience with her scarf, snuggles up to a gentlemen in the second row, sits down on his lap for a moment and then – unbelievable if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes – she begins the aria “Habanera”, from George Bizet’s Opera Carmen, laying down on the stage: a dual talent in every way! …
Being able to sing is one thing, but to support the sung words with just the right gestures and mimic is another thing. Lazar is excellent at doing both. … In the aria „Summertime“, one of the encores, the soprano shows her “black soul”, the Blues in her voice – excellent. Bravos and long lasting applause for the artists.”

AUGSBURGER ALLGEMEINE: Landsberg am Lech, Alois Kramer

Soprano enthuses with Munich charme

„Especially the opera singer from Munich, Astrid Marie Lazar, who with her clear and strong soprano voice masters all registers and passages with bravura, enthused the audience.“


Vocal Magic from the South

Also the soprano Astrid Lazar brilliantly portrayed roles from a variety of opera compositions. With utmost fervour and pathos she revealed herself as killing Tosca and through her expressive voice immerged the audience into the troubled world of bohemian artists life in Paris. The successful evening filled with Italian seductions finally peaks in powerful vocal duets, in which Sanchez and Lazar magically fascinate their audience, with powerful duets such as „Libiamo” form Verdi’s La Traviata.”


Soprano und Tenor engage in dramatic vocal duets!

Also soprano Astrid Lazar slips into various roles of the Italian opera world and brilliantly portrays a passionate Violetta from „La Traviata“ or the sickly Mimi from Puccini’s „La Bohéme“. AUGSBURG, Ludwig Brunner


(A Prussian Fairy Tale)- Auguste Fadenkreutz

“Astrid Marie Lazar as Auguste was in first-class condition - her comic talent is joined by a transparent lyric soprano voice that carries easily, with clear intonation”.

NORDBAYRISCHER KURIER; Bayreuth, Alexander Dick

“Astrid Marie Lazar impresses with the masks she adds to her crying but desirable voice”.

FRANKENPOST, Hof, Michael Thumser

COSI FAN TUTTE - Fiordiligi

“Astrid Marie Lazar impressed with her radiant soprano voice as a strong Fiordiligi”.

FRÄNKISCHER TAG, Bamberg, Wolfgang Pfister

GRÄFIN MARIZA (Countess Mariza)- Mariza

“Astrid Lazar as Countess Mariza, sings and acts really outstanding, impressing the audience with elegance and charme”.


“The audience was enthusiastic about the vocal and acting performances .This was rewarded with a lot of applause and many curtain calls in the end. Astrid Lazar is seen and heard in the title role… Both master their roles perfectly and are undoubtedly the favourites of the performance”.


DER ZIGEUNERBARON (The Gypsy Baron)- Saffi

“Or the ’gypsy song’, sung by Astrid Marie Lazar as Saffi, the love of Sandor Barinkay (..): Her appearances, including the duet with her foster mother, the old gypsy Czipra (..), were musically the strongest scenes”.

SCHWÄBISCHE ZEITUNG, Ravensburg; Dorothee L. Schaefer

DIE ZAUBERGEIGE (The Magic Violin)- Ninabella

“…, but especially … and Astrid Marie Lazar as erotic seductress Ninabella were suitably cast. …- like most of his male colleagues - had to work hard to keep up with them, especially vocally.” 

DIE SÜDDEUTSCHE; Lokalteil München, Klaus Kalchschmid

SCHWANDA, DER DUDELSACKPFEIFER (Schwanda the Bagpipe Piper) - Dorota

“Astrid Marie Lazar sang and acted the role of Dorota charmingly”.


MIGNON - Philine

“The vocal counterpart of the innocent Mignon was portrayed by Astrid Marie Lazar in the role of the flirtatious Philine. Her aria ‘Je suis Titania’ burst with female provocation and joy of life, and the soprano mastered difficult coloratura passages with increasing sovereignty”.

FRANKENPOST HOF; Hof Kerstin Starke